We take care of all aspects of travel, stay and food from the arrival of the tourist at the airport to his or her departure. We customise our tour to cater to the specific tastes of the individual so that you can utilise you precious time to the full.


The entire planning is done to suit your time, interests, budget and taste. Seasons' Choice serves as a single point contact in Kerala to materialise your holiday dreams. We also use our experience to include esoteric destinations or selected seasonal events that one may otherwise miss out. We do this without compromising on  your right to flexibility in changing the plan for the adventurous traveller.

You can count on us as your friend to ensure that your vacation will be an enjoyable hassle-free experience.

The end result of engaging with us is a customised package that gives details of your itinerary along with the price.

Click here for a sample package. 

Our services:

1. Pick up from the Airport to dropping for the onward journey.

2. A reliable car with a responsible driver; to make your trip easy and relaxed.

3. Choosing a hotel/resort/Home stay which gives you value for money.

4. Seasons’ Choice will guide you regarding what is worth seeing and what is not.

5. Since it's a personalized package, special care will be given to cater to your little needs.

6. Seasons' Choice always keeps your budget in mind when we plan for your holiday. We guide you in making your plans and make the whole trip feasible for you.

The pride and success of Seasons' Choice lies in the perfect combination of partners. The members of the team have delved into Kerala’s hotspots, as well as its less trodden avenues, and designed the various tours with the rich experience derived from their own travels, all the while keeping in mind the problems a traveller is likely to encounter. Seasons' Choice excels in its choice of packages, not just in variety but also in quality. The team strives to personalise packages to suit the different customers.

* For those who yearn for a quiet, relaxed holiday: Come and relish the tranquillity of Kerala, be it against the background of the backwaters, the silver-lined beaches or the cool hill stations.

* Packages that cater to the needs of youngsters: This fun-filled, exciting holiday plan is filled with outdoor activity including trekking sprees, as well as the luxury that a great holiday can offer; it gives a great opportunity to experience the forests and the waterfalls of Kerala. Kerala cuisine with its mouth-watering delicacies, including the famous Rice & succulent fish curry meal, is a part of this package; Season' Choice takes great pride in planning this unique package.

* For those who want to experience Kerala with different combinations: Seasons' Choice has packages that are a combination of relaxation and fun-filled activity, boat rides and Houseboat cruises, trekking sprees and exploring, thus enabling travellers to experience Kerala with its sea, backwaters, forests and hills.

 *Those who want to taste all of Kerala in one draught: Travellers longing for relaxation, activity-filled exploration, shopping, Kerala art and culture, ayurvedic massage & treatment, beauty treatment, dental treatment, etc. name it, and your holiday plan will be offered in a nutshell and just right for you. You'll relish every bit of the time you spend here with us.