Welcome to Kochi. Kerala's  largest  city  and commercial capital. Where life flows at a fast pace. Kochi has two faces. One is that of a  fast forward cosmopolitan city. The other is the one that bears the timeless charm olden glory. The Arabs...  The Chinese... The Jews... The British... The Dutch... The Portuguese... All have left behind an indelible mark of glory. Making Kochi a unique blend of tradition and modernity.


             Leave the bustling Ernakulam and cross over to Fort Kochi and Mattancherry. It's pure tonic for the urban-weary mind. Stroll through Fort Kochi, enjoying the delectable European relics.
The St. Francis Church and the Santa Cruz Church, built by the Portuguese still mutely speak volumes of European perfection. Walk into the Jewish Synagogue at Mattancherry. Submerge yourself into the glory of Jewish passion. When you've had your fill, stroll through the lanes. Pick a relic or two. Or walk up to the Fort Kochi beach.

              Get an enchanting view of the Chinese Fishing Nets against the


breath-taking backscape of the sea. Perhaps the sirens from passing  ships may awaken you from one trance, before falling into another!

The next best thing is a cruise towards the Bolgatty Island (though now you can walk up to the island through the newly built bridge, a cruise is dreamy, hence highly suggested) The star attraction is the Bolgatty Palace. Originally built by the Dutch for the erstwhile Kochi maharajas, the place's now a luxury hotel. The recent renovations haven't disturbed a bit, the old-world charm of the Dutch.

After a trip to Kochi, you sure will go back with a mind that has had its full fill.










              Discover Munnar - the Kashmir of South India. Seasons lend a surrealistic charm to Munnar.


Mountain mist - sometimes a thin haze, sometimes a thick veil - envelops Munnar. Situated at the confluence of 3 rivers, Munnar is 1600 mtrs above sea level. Making it the ideal summer haven. The rolling tea plantations, the rivers, waterfalls, hills, valleys where the famous 'Neelakkurinji' blooms once in 12 years, make Munnar a perfect picture-postcard holiday destination. Where the majestic touches of the colonial relics are still very evident.

Come. Discover Munnar through Seasonís Choice. Youíll taste heaven


             Welcome to Thekkady. India's largest wildlife sanctuary, spread over about 777 sq. kms. India's one and only tiger reserve, Thekkady is bounteous with many an endangered tropical flora and

fauna. It's cool heaven on earth for those who love Nature and its wild treasures. Thekkady has a 25 sq.km man-made lake, at an altitude of 2000 ft, a haven for many wild animals and for animal watchers, alike.
The lake's the best place to watch elephants, as in summer they come in hordes and play frolic in water. If you're very lucky, you may spot a tiger or two, or leopards.

                          Seasons' Choice offers you exciting trekking packages. On foot, or on elephants. Which leads you to the heart of the tropical rain forest, from where you can discover, first-hand, the mysterious laws of the forest. You'll return a different person, definitely. Every season is special in Thekkady.



                 Nestling amidst silent backwaters and green groves, under the vast expanse of the sky, Kumarakom is a cluster of islands. The best way to reach Kumarakom is through the backwaters. A pleasant cruise from Alleppey,

Kollam or Kochi will work as the perfect starter, before you get ready to indulge in Nature's sumptuous feast, spread out before you in bewitching panorama. Splashed up before your eyes by lush paddy fields, green mangrove groves and the sometimes green and sometimes blue backwaters. Once here, you'll find it's little surprise why the wandering birds have made this place a haven for themselves. Take a small country-boat, and be one among the winged wonders. Wait up till twilight and gradually disappear into the nature's enchanting serenity, so softly. Walk barefoot. Surprise a sweet butterfly drinking deep into the heady dusk honey. Whiff in the sweet air. And you'll begin to lose yourself.




              Take to the rice-boat (house boat) into the vast expanse of the backwaters. Tickle your palate with the delicious array of traditional backwater cuisine (something very special, in Kerala) Enjoy toddy (country ale taken from coconut palms), if you want to. Cast a spell on the country folk, in their daily life. There... you'll discover new dimensions in you!



                 The bustling capital of Kerala, Trivandrum is a blend of tradition and trend. Where you'll taste the lingering glory of the erstwhile Travancore Maharajas. Left, still undisturbed by the ever-flowing time.
Here many of the towering structures mutely spell the grace of royal splendour. The temples and palaces, especially, stand as the epitome of finesse in traditional architecture.

                 Stroll through the city. Indulge yourself in the grandeur of the famous Padmanabhapuram Palace, Kuthira Malika, Kanakakkunnu Palace, Sree Padmanabha Swami Temple (entry restricted to Hindus only).  Brace  up  to the  Shankumugham beach,  or  better still  take a

plunge into Kovalam - the  world's most  spectacular beach. If you want to  indulge  in the wild side, welcome to Ponmudi or Poovar. You sure wouldn't mind the 1 hour drive to Varkala beach, where the timeless mystery of natural forces will hold you in long spell.